Ecola Creek

ecola1The Ecola Creek Watershed is located in the Southwest corner of Clatsop County on the northern coast of Oregon about 75 mile northwest of Portland. Land elevations around Cannon Beach vary from approximately 10 feet near the pacific coastline and Ecola Creek (Elk Creek) to as high as 2,500 feet. Cannon Beach is one of the most visited coastal towns in Oregon. The breathtaking views and charming downtown area puts Cannon Beach on many weekend itineraries.

The full-time residential population of Cannon Beach is 1,424.

The dominant land use zoning in the City of Cannon Beach is comprised primarily of residential uses. In Ecola Creek Watershed the predominant land use is commercial forestry. Ecola Creek Watershed consists of approximately 14,000 acres of which 13,237 acres are forestlands. The most significant landowner is Weyerhaeuser Company., which owns 12,255 acres. The Oregon Department of Forestry owns 957 acres, The City of Cannon Beach owns 763 acres (mostly urban), and Longview Fibre Company owns 25 acres.

ecola2Ecola Creek Watershed is an important resource providing municipal water to the City of Cannon Beach, while also providing recreational opportunities like fishing, and hiking. The Department of Fish and Wildlife consider Ecola Creek West Fork a core area for coho salmon.

Watershed Assessment

The Ecola Creek Watershed Assessment is the outcome of countless hours of community involvement. It’s the only assessment in Oregon completed without hiring an independent consulting firm. Rather, the council decided to hire local knowledgeable personnel and stay closely tied to the project. The results are a very usable manual directing the council to fulfill it’s mission of watershed restoration.

Read the Ecola Creek Watershed Assessment

Ecola Creek Watershed Meeting Minutes