Temperature Monitoring Sites

Listed here are the sites we monitored in 2016. Click the link to see more info for each site or scroll down to use the interactive map.

Alder Creek at Warrenton Drive Bridge
Youngs Bay at Astoria High School
Skipanon River at Warrenton High School
Little Wallooskee at Little Walluski Lane
Wallooskee River at Palmer Bridge
Skipanon River at Carnahan Park Road
North Fork Klaskanine River at Olney Lane
South Branch of North Fork Klaskanine above hatchery
Youngs River at Youngs River Loop Road
Cullaby Creek at Lounsberry Lane
Lewis & Clark River 0.8 mile S. of Melville
South Branch of North Fork Klaskanine at 202 bridge
South Branch of South Fork Klaskanine at Hwy 202
Lewis & Clark River at ODFW fish ladder
Lewis and Clark River at Saddle Mountain Road

The map below shows the data collected at each site that we monitored in 2016 (in green – click for more info). Temperature is compared to the ODEQ water quality standard for summertime temperature, which is 18°C for summertime rearing and migration of salmonids. Our new locations for 2018 are in blue.

If you’d like to get involved, read more about our Adopt-A-Logger model of monitoring or contact us!